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Therapeutic Advances, PLLC

Therapeutic Advances PLLC, was established to be a helping hand in orchestrating an improved mental health and substance use recovery system. Understanding that if more professionals were trained in recognizing and applying trauma, recovery, and mental health interventions we would be able to produce better qualified and informed professionals.


Therapeutic Advances serves it's community to provide empathetic listening and conversation in therapy, break down stigmatizing perspectives on mental health and substance use through Peer Support Specialist training and certification, and to teach and exchange knowledge between clinicians and counselors through supervision and consultation to better support the communities we serve.

Our perspective on healing is to heal from the inside to the outside. Our technics and trainings are heavily influenced by trauma informed care practices and expressive arts. Play and expressive arts support a healing realm for individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, and developmental disorders by allowing the healing process to safely transition from the subconscious to the conscious; creating a healthy and resilient foundation for what will blossom in your reality. 


If you are in need of any of our services, would like to partner, or have additional questions please contact us through the website for further information.


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